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There’s nothing quite like the bond we have with our furry companions. Our dogs hold a special place in our hearts, and we always strive to give them the best life possible. However, meeting all of their needs can sometimes be a challenge.
That’s where Central Bark comes in.

Families rely on us to provide the love and care necessary to keep their dogs healthy, happy, and well-rounded. When you bring your dog to Central Bark Amarillo, you can trust that they’ll spend their day enjoying the company of friends in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our approach to Whole Dog Care focuses on nurturing and enhancing every aspect of your dog’s health and well-being throughout their lifetime. At the core of this approach is our Enrichment Dog Day Care program. Additionally, we offer services such as dog boarding, baths, grooming, a market for pet supplies, training, and more. All are designed to help you and your dog experience the best life together.

We understand that dogs aren’t just considered family – they are family. As dog parents ourselves, we take immense pride in treating each and every dog that walks through our doors as if they were our own.

Central Bark

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Kim Davis
I just know that everyone there makes me feel more at ease with my little Bama.  
Mikayla Paschel
Megan deserves a raise! She is the best and always does such a fantastic job with Gretyl and her stubbornness. Seriously, she does such a good job each time! 
April Lee
Always great service for this facility. They treat our dog Broady like family. I would give them 10 stars. Thank you Central Bark for your continuous hospitality.
Donna Alexander
Scout is always excited to go to doggie daycare. And he looks great after being groomed. Thank you. 
Megan Gaitan
Y’all were incredible!!! We were so nervous leaving our sweet girl for our vacation. But y’all made her so happy! We can tell she was well taken care of and had a blast! She will definitely be back!
Dawn Trahern
Thank you for helping us socialize our new puppies! We appreciate the care you have shown them both.  They love coming to Central Bark and we have noticed a huge improvement in their behavior!
Ruth Rutledge
Central Bark in Amarillo is the nicest place. I call, and they are always friendly, they remember Ava, and can get her in when I need them to. I can't clip Ava's nails, the vet had to put a muzzle on Ava to clip her nails. Meagan clips Ava's nails [...]
J'Melle Fletcher
Doing a super great job.  Shelby is a happy camper with her spa time.  🙂
Tracy McClain
Everyone at this facility very friendly. We have been looking for years for a nice clean place for our dogs and we have finely found a great place. Thanks Central Bark keep up the good work.
Bill Archinal
Mavis seems to really like Central Bark.  The pics I see on Instagram show her quite active with other dogs, and she comes home in the evening extremely tired.  I know she has played all day and she loves playing with other dogs.

Central Bark® Whole Dog Care

Our Whole Dog Care philosophy provides a wide array of customized products and services aimed at enhancing your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being at every stage of their life journey.

Enrichment Dog Day Care - Off Enrichment Dog Day Care - On Enrichment Dog Day Care

Elevate your dog’s daily routine with custom activities tailored just for them, injecting excitement into their day-to-day adventures.

Grooming - Off Grooming - On Grooming

Treat your furry companion to pampering and delightful experiences aimed at bringing them joy while maintaining their pristine appearance.

Boarding - Off Boarding - On Boarding

Provide your dog with a tranquil and cozy getaway with our Dog Boarding service, ensuring they have a peaceful and enjoyable stay.

Products - Off Products - On Products

Discover our thoughtfully curated collection of top-notch dog essentials, from food and treats to toys, designed to keep them in prime health.

Training & Enrichment - Off Training & Enrichment - On Training & Enrichment

Deepen your connection with your dog through positive training sessions and interactive activities that foster essential skills and positive behavior.

How to get started

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Why do dogs LOVE
Central Bark?

  • It’s all about them – Every dog holds a unique place in our hearts. We customize each day to cater to your dog’s individual needs and preferences.
  • Total well-being + joy – Your furry friend will receive personalized attention, activities, and relaxation tailored to their specific requirements. This helps ensure they’re healthy, content, and well-behaved both at home and in the community.
  • Understanding canine language – Our team consists of dog experts who undergo specialized training in our science-based positive reinforcement methods.
  • Safety first + cleanliness – The safety and welfare of all our guests is our utmost priority. We implement thorough safety protocols and cleaning procedures to guarantee your dog’s well-being and health throughout their stay with us.
  • Trusted affectionate care – For over two decades, families have placed their trust in Central Bark to enhance their dog’s lives with a perfect blend of individualized attention, playtime, exercise, socialization, training, relaxation, and affection.
  • Building lifelong bonds – It’s incredible how a day spent apart can strengthen your bond! Your dog will return home content and healthy, alleviating any worries about leaving them alone for another day.

Dog Day Care. Reimagined.

Central Bark Enrichment Dog Day Care takes dog day care to a whole new level! It combines our industry-leading expertise with the latest dog behavior science and positive dog training principles. Your dog can enjoy a fun and healthy day tailored to them, with the proper amount of play, mental and physical exercise, socialization, training, rest, and love they need to be healthy, happy, and well-rounded.

four dogs on a stand outside

Flexible Playgroups

Small and large playgroup options allow us to match better your dog’s personality, needs, and preferences with the social atmosphere and amount of play they can enjoy and benefit from most.

dog trainer with four dogs

Group Play Skills

Group Play Skills are a fun and rewarding way for dogs to practice important skills like name recall, and behaviors like group sit and calmly going in and out of doors and gates.

Central Bark Enrichment

Rest Period Enrichment

Rest Period Enrichment sessions help dogs achieve a healthy balance. They can relax and recharge in their own private space with calming enrichment toys and healthy foods tailored to their preferences and diet.

Enrichment Sessions

Personalized One-on-One Enrichment sessions give the extra attention dogs love and the freedom to use their senses and safely explore their instincts through interactive toys, puzzles, and games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a puppy be boarded?

Yes. We offer sleepovers to puppies and dogs enrolled in our Enrichment Day Care. Sleepovers at Central Bark® provide your dog a calm, relaxing sleepover in a place they can feel comfortable and loved. Because they’re in a familiar place, they can feel less stressed about being away from home (and so will you). A full day of Doggy Day Care is complimentary with your sleepover stay.

Learn more about Sleepovers at Central Bark.

Is there a schedule of activities and safety rules?

Yes. Our day is broken up into areas of play, rest, feeding and more. And we always keep a watchful eye on canine good manners.

Are the facilities well equipped with toys, bedding, and supplies?

Central Bark® has plenty of Kongs®, tennis balls and other toys for everyone. The dogs could ask for nothing more!

What is Stay-n-Play?

Our Stay-n-Play program offers boarding for dogs that have not enrolled in our day care program. Each overnight guest gets a restful night’s sleep, followed by a day of play, exercise, and plenty of TLC from our staff. Stay-n-Play guests sleep and play in their own designated areas. 

Learn more about our Stay-n-Play boarding service.

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