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Puppy Hour is a FREE supervised puppy playtime and social hour at Central Bark® Amarillo. Puppy Hour is a ton of fun and it also provides a critical opportunity for puppies to get socialization during their “sensitive period” which is between 8 and 16 weeks of age. Socialization is a process of preparing your dog to enjoy interactions and be comfortable with other animals, people, places, and activities.

We invite you and your puppy to attend as many sessions as you would like until your pup reaches the age limit. Meet our staff, speak with our trainer and groomer, and check out our facility. At Central Bark, our mission is to nurture and enrich your dog’s life, and a great way to start your pup on the right paw is through puppy socialization!

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Open Today 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM

During this puppy program, your pup will:

  • Enjoy off-leash age-appropriate play with vaccinated puppies of similar ages
  • Be supervised by an experienced caregiver to ensure all play is safe and appropriate
  • Be introduced to new dogs, humans, toys, environments, and obstacles
  • Be exposed to new and interesting obstacles to encourage age-appropriate socialization and exposure


Enroll your pup in our puppy socialization program in Amarillo, TX, and unlock a multitude of benefits for their growth and well-being. Here’s what your furry friend can achieve:

  • Increased Comfort and Confidence: Introducing your dog to new environments helps them confidently navigate unfamiliar surroundings, reducing anxiety and building self-assurance.
  • Healthy Emotional Development: Early socialization shapes your dog’s emotional well-being, fostering positive relationships with other dogs, people, and stimuli. This leads to healthy social behaviors and emotional stability.
  • Release of Energy: Our program provides a safe space for puppies to expend their boundless energy through play and exploration. This results in improved behavior and a more peaceful home environment.
  • Social Skills Development Through Group Play: Participating in group activities helps puppies learn vital social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and setting boundaries. These skills are essential for positive interactions with other dogs in the future.
  • Establishing a Strong Foundation: Our puppy program lays the groundwork for your dog’s future well-being, ensuring they grow into healthy, happy, and socially adept companions. This early investment yields lasting benefits, positively impacting behavior and overall quality of life.

Rules & Requirements

  • Puppies age 8–16 weeks
  • Preregistration is required
  • Proof of up-to-date Bordetella and DHPP vaccines
  • Children with a dedicated adult are welcome to participate* There will be learning opportunities for children too!
  • Observe CDC guidelines including social distancing and wearing masks
  • Regular 6-foot flat leash (no retractable or flexi-leads in the lobby) and a quick-release collar. If your dog usually wears a harness, you’re welcome to bring that as well.

Call (806) 437-1060 or submit the form to reserve your spot!

You will also receive a FREE Central Bark Puppy Parent Handbook, containing helpful tips for raising your healthy, happy, well-rounded puppy.

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*The safety of guests and puppies in attendance at Puppy Hour is of the upmost importance. Upon arrival, a Central Bark team member will instruct you and your children of the rules and requirements to ensure safety, fun and learning for all involved.