Congratulations Bella, Our Dog of the Month

As summer slowly starts to roll in, we start thinking about hanging out with our pals and just relaxing, having a grand ‘ol time. For our June Dog of the Month, who better to choose than our little group queen of social hour, Bella! Bella is a 3 year old Miniature Schnauzer who started her day care days as just a wee little lady. From the moment she walks into the building, Bella announces her presence to let everyone know she has arrived and always stops to say hi to the staff. Her personality is definitely bigger than she is! When the time for group comes along, Bella has no shortage of pals! She even started a Bichon/Schnauzer club, which includes members Ivy, Gabe, Sylar, & Mavis. When her club is not in session she buddies up with Skittles, Kanga, Patrick, & Jack. Bella also enjoys relaxing by the pool and going in for a cool off session. Did we mention those long beautiful eyelashes she has?! My oh my, this girl h as it all! Congratulations on being our June Dog of the Month, Bella!