Congrats, Wembley!

There is no pup better to warm us up and give us cheer this season than our December dog of the month, Wembley! This little wispy, wire-haired terrier mix has been coming to our location since she was 8 months old! Now, a four year old lady, Wembley has made tons of friends here over the past few years. Wembley loves running around and wrestling with her buds Rosco, Ali, Bella, and her best buddy Jack! When it’s summer time and the sun is shining down in group, Wembley likes to make sure all of the shadows of the handlers and dogs are kept in line! She chases those shadows down and makes sure they’re following their perspective caster. Peter Pan would be proud of her work! After she makes sure everyone is in check, she hops in the pool and lays down for a nice dip! Now that it’s winter, you’ll see Wembley rolling around in the show and catching snow balls mid-air! When she’s all done playing with her group, Wembley patient ly waits for mom or dad to come pick her up so she can come home, eat dinner, snuggle, and maybe get a chance to chase around the laser pointer!! Congratulations Miss Wembley for always bringing us warm thoughts and, most importantly, being our December dog of the month!!