Congrats to Hunter and Bailey!!

Spring has sprung here at the Eastside, and we’ve got the rosiest duo to congratulate as our dogs of the month! Drum roll, please!! Hunter and Bailey! Hunter is a group 3 patron of many years, hanging around with his big guy pals! His current best pals include Storm, Layla, Lakota, and of course his best sister Bailey! Hunter man’s no stranger to the much acclaimed neck scratch and seeks it out from his best human buds! Hunter’s big sister is the sweetest sweet pea around, Bailey! Miss Bailey loves to frolic through the flowers, especially if it’s in hot pursuit of a goughnut! Some of her best pals include big Bubba, Klaus, and of course her brother Hunter! You could call her a pseudo-employee dog with all of her employee dog buddies! Miss Bailey puts our office managers to shame when she takes up residence in the office for the lunch hour, her wagging tail and big smile are the best customer service we’ve ever seen! If you’re ever feeling down, there’s no doubt Miss Bailey bee will get you to smile; she’s the cuddliest bug around! We’re in negotiations to put the lady on payroll, but the amount of biscuits she wants per hour is out of this world, we’ll keep negotiating, Bailey, you just keep bringing that smile! The end of the day is simply the best when mom comes to get these “kids,” tail wags abound from the two of them and they’re off for some much deserved dinner and sleep! Congratulations to our 2017 May dogs of the month!