Can’t Do Without Codi&Delia!

This November, with gratitude on our mind, we’re thankful for our doodles! We’ve got oodles of doodles: bernedoodles, labradoodles, golden doodles, sheepadoodles, whoodles, aussie doodles, and more; but have you ever thought what might come from a cross between any of these 2 oodles? Wonder no more, this month’s Dogs of the Month are a delectable cross of a golden doodle and a labradoodle-giving us The Double Doodle. Delia and Codi are an adorable set of siblings who’ve had our hearts since Codi’s first day back in 2019. From daycare to training to the salon, we’ve been apart of nearly every aspect of these girls lives! As any good doodle is, they’re in the grooming salon more often than their humans- we see one of these girls in the tub every week! Codi keeps the puppies in line, and Delia spends her days bouncing around with the teenagers- our Wednesdays and Fridays wouldn’t be the same without them!