Training Tutor FAQs

Can we bring our dog for Training Tutor and NOT Daycare?

No, Training Tutor is completed DURING their day care day.

Can our dog do Training Tutor more than three times a week?

No, our max sessions are 3 times a week per dog. This gives your dog a break and doesn’t overwhelm them while they are here to play with friends. We do recommend you keep what they learn fresh while at home.

Can we change our dog’s training plan at any time?

Yes you can! When you sign your dog up for Training Tutor, you will be asked what you would like for them to go over and we will curate a plan specific to your dog. At any point, if you would like to change that, we can go over what the most important skills are to you and work out a new plan to build the behaviors you’d like your dog to practice!” However, keep in mind that if your dog hasn’t completed a skill before changing their learning plan, they may forget what was previously worked on and would have to be re-taught.

Can I add or decrease the number of days my dog does Training Tutor?

You absolutely can! We’re flexible just like day care. Just let us know when you would like their training sessions. Please note, having them on a schedule, just like day care, will help them retain what they have learned.

Today is my dog’s first day of daycare, can we start Training Tutor right away?

Unfortunately not. Your dog’s first day of day care is like a child’s first day at school. It can be overwhelming and they might be anxious. It is hard for people and for dogs to retain anything when they aren’t in a comfortable state. Once that first day is out of the way and your dog has gotten used to the dogs, people, and environment, we can start Training Tutor their next session!

Can my dog have multiple sessions in one day?

No, we would only do ONE session per day care reservation. This is to make sure the dog doesn’t get too overwhelmed and begin to unlearn behaviors/skills.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up in person and fill out the form or you can sign up online with this link:

Can I talk with my dog’s trainer directly?

We wouldn’t have it any other way! We have a specific email for JUST our Training Tutor clients so you have a direct way to talk to your trainers about your dog’s progress: