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Dog of the Month

Congratulations Duchess

Duchess is a 2-Year-Old Dogo Argentino that has been attending daycare with us for about 2 years now. Duchess came to us when she was just a pup and we were able to watch her grow into this big goofy girl she is now. Duchess gets so excited to see the staff each morning she runs right in and knows she’s about to have an awesome day. When Duchess isn’t playing hard with her pals Ghost, Tiny, Bean or Dori you can for sure find her sunbathing and taking a swim in the pool to cool off. Duchess is also a huge fan of bubbles and has a blast trying to pop every last one. We enjoy spending all the time with her and learning something new each day about her. There is never a dull moment when Duchess comes to play, you’ll always have a smile on your face just watching her enjoying her day at Central Bark

Congrats, Duchess — you’re our June Dog of the Month!