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A well-trained dog is a happy dog – and part of a happy family. At Central Bark® Milwaukee Downtown, our dog training professionals use fun and positive, reward-based techniques to help dogs of all ages develop important life skills and behaviors. 

We offer both individual training and enrichment sessions as well as group classes to reinforce good habits and foster the loving bond you have with your dog. Training builds a foundation for good canine citizenship and helps develop happy, social, and well-rounded dogs. 

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Dog Training & Enrichment Options:

Training Tutor

Personalized one-on-one training sessions during day care visits help your dog develop important skills and behaviors like name recall, sit, stay, down, wait, leave-it, door and gate control, and loose-leash walking. Excellent for your dog and easy for you! Your dog will come home tired and well-socialized, with the training and skills they need to be a well-behaved member of your family.

One-on-One Enrichment

Personalized One-on-One Enrichment sessions give your dog the extra attention they love and the freedom to use their senses and safely explore their instincts through interactive toys, puzzles, and games. It’s fun and rewarding and exercise their bodies and minds and engage their senses. Add complexity with fitness and agility equipment.

Rest Period Enrichment

Your dog gets to relax and recharge in their own private space with calming interactive toys and healthy food pairings tailored to their preferences and diet. It promotes physical and mental relaxation which can help them achieve a healthy balance of play, learning, and rest. It can also help them become more comfortable in crates by building positive associations.

Our Trainers


Marsha started at Central Bark Downtown as a Dog Handler in May 2016. Her passion for animals and interest in their behavior led her to Dog Training. She was instrumental in the development of our Training Tutor program which has been going strong for the last four years and continues to grow. As she adds to her education and experience, Marsha has attended classes, workshops, festivals, and even traveled out West in Spring ’18 to attend a conference put on by the Pet Professional Guild. While she was there, she got to volunteer at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (the biggest no-kill animal sanctuary in the nation!). Marsha spends her free time developing her skills with her two rescue hounds Cricket and Walter, and recently earned her Certified Professional Dog Trainer certification (CPDT-KA)!


Julia joined the Central Bark Downtown team in July of 2019. She is a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer and loves teaching training classes and working with the dogs enrolled in daycare. She enjoys helping new dog owners to build a better relationship with their furry friends and problem solving any mischievous behaviors. Prior to coming to work for Central Bark Downtown, Julia’s experiences consist earning her bachelors of Psychology with heavy focus on behavior modification. These experiences consisted of time spent volunteering with a service dog organization and studying operant conditioning in a canine lab. She learned how to uses positive reinforcement training methods, making it fun for the owner and dog learn basic cues and important life skills. When she is not teaching training classes and life skills, Julia can be found on outdoor adventures from kayaking to hiking with her rescue dog Nova!

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Training & Enrichment Add-ons

Training Tutor
Training session during day care visit.
1 month package, 1x/wk – $90; 3 month package, 1x/wk – $240
1 month package, 2x/wk – $160; 3 month package, 2x/wk – $420
1 month package, 3x/wk – $225
VIP package 5x/wk – $280 (must be a VIP daycare dog)
Fitness & Agility
Add complexity with fitness and agility equipment to keep your dog in shape and having a blast!
One-on-One Enrichment
A personalized session with interactive toys, puzzles, and games that exercise their body and mind.
Rest Period Enrichment
One Rest Period Enrichment included with day care visit. Extra sessions can be added.
If you have any concerns about food sensitivities or toys, please speak to an associate at the front desk to discuss options.

Dog Training Classes

Puppy Preschool
Prepare your puppy for a lifetime at your side
Puppies 7 to 18 weeks of age

The course starts Thursdays, March 3 rd at 7 pm.

This course uses group play to help your puppy become social with people and other dogs while reducing fear development in their new world. Traditional behaviors like “sit” and “leave it” are touched on, but the primary emphasis is on social skills and a good recall as well as understanding and trouble-shooting common puppy behavior issues like mouthing and potty training. This course is for puppies up to 18 weeks of age and their families, kids included.

*Puppy vaccinations required (DHPP and Bordatella)

** Training class may be canceled due to low enrollment, we apologize for any inconvenience. Full refunds will be given in the event class is canceled.**
Basic Elementary
Conditioning and Communication
Dogs over 16 weeks of age

The following course starts Wednesdays, February 16th 2022, at 7 pm.

This course teaches dogs and their pet parents foundational behaviors such as loose-leash walking; eye contact and attention; sit, stay, down; and leave-it using Barkley’s favorite “click” – clicker training. Pet parents will learn how to strengthen these behaviors by adding distance, duration, and distraction. This is a 6-week course for dogs and their families (kids included!).

*Vaccinations required (DHPP, Rabies (depending on age), and Bordatella).
Secondary School
Expand your dog’s skills
For dogs over 6 months of age

The course starts Tuesdays, March 8 th at 7 pm.

This 6 – week course is for dogs with previous training experience either completing Barkley’s Basic Elementary or another basic obedience class. The class covers more advanced behaviors like heel, place targeting, body positions, and free shaping. Each week you will learn how to teach your dog new skills and have fun practicing them in a variety of different ways. This course continues to strengthen your dog’s basic skills by challenging them with real-life distractions.

*Vaccinations required (DHPP, Rabies, and Bordatella).
Private Training Lessons
Our private lessons are conducted by CPDT-KA certified professional trainers either in your home, at our facility, or out and about where distractions occur.

Typical areas of positive reinforcement private one on one training cover basic obedience, household manners, loose leash walking, and leash reactivity, fear/anxiety and confidence building, resource guarding, and more.

Private Lessons are available upon request
Initial consult – $100/Hr.
Follow-up sessions (1 hour) – $85/Hr.
Private Lesson Package – $250

Includes initial consult and two follow-up sessions
*Follow up sessions need to be scheduled within 60 days of package purchase. Any cancelations need to be made 24 hours in advance or charges will occur. 

To inquire about lessons, please email us at or call 414-347-9612.

In order to enroll in any of the above classes, click the Enroll Now button and follow the link to complete our new customer online registration form. Payment can be made either online through your new customer account or over the phone at (414) 347-9612. All group class sales are non-refundable.

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