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Training and socialization are the cornerstones of a positive dog-parenting experience. In our years of research, we’ve discovered that a combination of obedience training and doggy day care is the key to a positive dog-parenting experience.

Our dog training professionals embrace our reward-based pawlosophy that focuses on fun and positive reinforcement. Classes encourage stronger relationships and build a foundation for good canine citizenship to develop happy, social and well-rounded dogs.

Our educational offerings may include:

– Puppy Kindergarten
– Basic Obedience
– Advanced Obedience
– Agility
– Canine Good Citizen (CGC) classes

Barkley’s Puppy Preschool

Barkley’s Puppy Preschool
Prepare your puppy for a lifetime at your side
Puppies 7 to 18 weeks of age

On-going weekly course, Monday’s at 7pm. 1 hr./week
Course Fee: $120 for 4 classes or $35 for 1 lesson (Additional 4 packs of classes can be purchased up until your pup reaches 4 months of age to be used before 5 months)

This course uses group play to help your puppy become social with people and other dogs while reducing fear development in their new world. Traditional behaviors like “sit” and “leave it” are touched on, but the primary emphasis is on social skills and a good recall as well as understanding and trouble-shooting common puppy behaviors. This is an on-going course in which puppies and their families can start at any time and take as many classes as they would like while the puppy is under 5 months. The course is held Monday nights at 7pm for puppies and their families, kids included.

*Puppy vaccinations required (DHPP and Bordatella)

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Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Prep Class

Build real-world skills and get ready for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test
Pre-requisites – previous obedience training (or instructor approval)
6 week course, 1 hour per week
$160 including CGC test

Central Bark Downtown is pleased to offer a new course – a fun way to prepare your dog for the Canine Good Citizen test and potential future therapy dog work! Whether you have aspirations to become a therapy dog team, or you simply want to improve your dog’s overall life skills, Canine Good Citizen preparation includes practice of many types of manners, focus, and confidence building that will be useful for you. This is a 6 week course being taught by a Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator with the 6th week being the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. (NOTE – Central Bark Downtown does not provide any official Therapy Dog certifications).

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Barkley’s Basic Elementary

Conditioning and Communication
Dogs over 16 weeks of age
6-week course, 1 hr/week
Thursday September 5th, 2019 at 7:00 pm
Course Fee: $160

This course teaches dogs and their pet parents foundational behaviors such as loose-leash walking; eye contact and attention; sit, stay, down; and leave-it using Barkley’s favorite “click” – clicker training. Pet parents will learn how to strengthen these behaviors by adding distance, duration, and distraction. This is a 6-week course for dogs and their families (kids included!).

*Puppy vaccinations required (DHPP, Rabies (depending on age) and Bordatella).

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Barkley’s Secondary School

Training for real life situations
Dogs over 18 weeks of age who have completed a basic obedience class
6-week course, 1hr/week
Call for next class start date and time.
Course Fee $160

In this class, you will take what you learned in your basic training courses and apply it to real life situations to enhance both you and your dog’s skills by taking training to the next level. You will work on attention games, leash walking with distractions, recalls and stationary behaviors in highly distracting situations or environments staged in our facility. You will be able to achieve and maintain control of your dog through safe, positive methods for focusing your dog’s attention on you. You will also get to work on your own problem-solving skills with regards to your dog’s behavior. Dogs that need to build focus and/or confidence in real life and every day manners will benefit greatly. Pet parents will gain more control and ease of mind when walking their dogs in public or having guests in their home.

This is a 6 week course for dogs and their families. (Kids included)

*Puppy vaccinations required (DHPP, Rabies (depending on age) and Bordatella).

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Do you want your dog to have even more fun at day care while learning basic obedience dog behaviors?

Barkley’s Training Tutor helps train your dog during their day at Central Bark. We work individually with your dog to address behavioral and training issues like:

-Basic Commands (Sit, Stay, Down, and Wait)
-Recall, Door & Gate Control
-Loose-leash walking
-Polite greetings with humans and dogs

Our dog training experts will work one-on-one with your dog to address specific issues while they are in day care. It’s easy for you and fits your schedule – no extra classes or additional training sessions! Your dog will come home exhausted and well-socialized, with the training and skills he/she needs to be a well-behaved member of your family.

Barkley’s Training Tutor is based on the latest research and scientific understanding of dog behavior to enhance the bond between you and your dog. We don’t just love dogs, we know dogs! Let our knowledge and 20+ years of experience help you and your dog!

Space is limited so schedule your pup’s one-on-one training today!