Congrats, Ashton!

Dog of the Month

Meet Ashton, an amazingly beautiful and graceful Greyhound. Almost 4 years old, Ashton has the speed and agility of, well, a greyhound! “Retiring” age for many of these dogs can be anywhere between the ages of 2-5 years old and the breed has an average life span of 12-15 years. Some Greyhounds have even been clocked at up to 45mph-we think she might actually be a little faster than that 😉 She bolts out of her crate so quickly and takes off to the playground that we sometimes have to do a double take-was that Ashton or a speeding bullet?! The “race” doesn’t stop when she gets outside either. She sprints at full speed in wide, looping circles until she’s almost out of breath. Suddenly realizing that her buddies have joined her, she chooses her playmates for the day. Pablo, BB, Maddie, Dixie, Stella, Milo, Calvin, Shirley, Abby; she gives each dog some one on one time, unless Cleo is around. She is Ashton’s best friend . She loves nothing more than to run and wrestle with her until it’s time for her mid-morning nap. Yup, Ashton takes a little cat nap right in the middle of play time. Just long enough to regain some energy. Then it’s “off to the races” again. Her unique personality, sweet disposition and award winning smile have earned Ashton April’s spotlight for Dog of the Month-Congratulations Ashton!