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Dog of the Month

Please help us in congratulating Max as August’s Dog of the Month!

Max came to us as a tiny, scruffy puppy at around 6 months of age and has since grown into a slightly bigger, scruffy adult, some 7 years later. We figured it was high time we recognize this guy for the awesome dog he is. He strolls in like he owns the place, is a hit on the playgroup with his pals Maddie & CoCo, and makes sure to maintain those wavy locks with weekly baths to ensure he is always looking handsome for his “girls”. Always the flirt, he makes sure to say goodbye to “the ladies” in retail as well, several times, before leaving with his father, to retire for the evening, and do it all over again the next day. Max comes every day and up until recently, he’s been splitting his time between WI & AZ. We are happy to report that he has since settled into “Bucks Country” permanently, maintains his Midwestern accent and couldn’t be happier with his decision. And neither could we. No offense to AZ, but let’s face it, we did just win the NBA finals…who DOESN’T want to call Milwaukee home after that?!