dog trainingOur training is provided by Pawsitive Paws Dog Training in Newtown.Linda Lelak,a local positive reinforcement trainer who has many years of experience teaching group classes, also works one-on-one with dog parents who are concerned about fearful or aggressive behavior in their dog.

Pawsitive Paws provides group classes, private lessons, behavior consultations and workshops at Central Bark. Linda Lelak, CPDT-KA is a certified, highly-experienced professional dog trainer. Of course, Central Bark only endorses trainers who use humane, positive methods.

Group Classes

Pawsitive Paws offers a range of classes to help your dog become a great family pet. Every Pawsitive Paws class is designed to teach your dog’s reliable skills, and to help owners maintain a well-behaved pet both in and outside of class.

They’ve got starter classes for puppies, new dogs, and canine buddies needing a brush-up, such as: Puppy Playgroups, Puppy Training and Socialization, and Basic Training and Advanced Training for dogs 5 months of age and up. Dogs with some previous training can take those basic skills to the next level with classes like Advanced Training. For fun and games, check out our Circus Dog classes. In addition to classes, they offer a variety of workshops, such as Dogs & Storks, Dogs & Toddlers and the Be-A-Tree – child and dog safety presentation.

Most Pawsitive Paws classes are limited to six dogs, with one dog per handler. Group classes are appropriate for dogs that are friendly and accepting of other dogs and humans. Alternative class and private options exist for dogs that struggle with lunging, barking and other disruptive behaviors. Check out class schedules at


Puppy Social Parties

Pawsitive Paws offers a low-cost community program for owners with pups less than 5 months of age. Under the supervision of a certified trainer, puppies (and their owners) enjoy structured play, meet new people, experience different types of fun equipment, and learn what appropriate play looks (and doesn’t look) like. This is an opportunity for your puppy to have a great time in a safe environment.

Pre-registration is required each week. Sessions can be paid individually or in a discounted 4-session package. Please see www.PawsitivePawsDogTraining.comfor information!

Private Lessons and Behavior Consultations

For highly-individualized attention for more concerning behavior problems, sign up for one-on-one lessons with Linda. Lessons take place in your choice of location – either here at Central Bark, your home or other location. Go to to learn more.


For current class schedules or more information about one-on-one training options, visit:

or contact Linda Lelak, CPDT-KA at

Pawsitive Paws Dog Training by calling 215-968-5393.