Put your paws together for November’s Dog of the Month, Cora!

Dog of the Month

One things for sure, you always know what day it is when you hear Cora sound her “trumpet”. She announces herself the minute she walks in the door! Once she is sure everyone has heard her arrival, it’s off to group to see what’s on the play menu. In summer, it’s usually the pools, whereas in cooler weather, you are more likely to find her looking for a warm body to snuggle up with. She hasn’t changed too much from her early years here either. Celebrating her 8th year with us, she is just as active and excited as when we first met her all those years ago. She excels in her training with her “teachers”, but does need reminders to use her inside voice on occasion. As long as she gets a treat, she’s happy to comply. We figured it was high time and long overdue to recognize this lovely girl and honor her the way she deserves. Congratulations, Cora!