Congrats, Billa!

Dog of the Month

Meet Billa: Downtown’s resident Boston Terrier/Beagle/bowling ball! With a smile like that, and her raring-to-go personality, her name really suits her! Not sure how to say it? Bee-la is the way! This girl is full of energy and absolutely loves to burn it off multiple times a week at Day Care. Over a year ago, Billa’s parents came to Downtown for a tour. They were distraught – Billa was causing trouble at home and they felt like they had tried all of their options. Little did they know that all Billa wanted were some friends to play with while mom and dad were at work! Day Care did the trick for this happy girl! Not only are mom and dad relieved, but so is Billa. She happily hops through the front door and eagerly runs outside to join all of her buddies. Don’t let her small stature fool you-this girl loves to play with the big dogs! Wrestling, chasing, running, Billa is non-stop action until the sun starts to set and it’s time to go home. Billa, we are so happy to have you here and share your “Day Care success story” at Downtown! Congratulations, October 2012 Dog of the Month!