National Puppy Day is March 23. To celebrate our beloved pups here is an easy game you can play with your dog of any age at home!

Food Search
To play this game you will need:

  • One large, shallow cardboard box or plastic storage container.
  • Several of your dog’s toys.
  • One handful of your dog’s kibble or favorite treats.


  1. Fill your container with a plethora of dog toys. There should be enough toys to cover the bottom of the container you’ve chosen. Make sure your container does not have any stickers or tape on it that your dog might chew on.
  2. Grab a handful of your dog’s kibble or favorite treats and show them to your dog. Make sure they get a good whiff and let them watch as you sprinkle the food over the toys in the container. Give the container a good shake so the food falls to the bottom.
  3. Place the container on the ground and say “Food Search!”. Let your dog go investigate the container and find all the food! They might need help moving toys around to find all the food in the beginning. Once your dog gets the hang of this game it can be a fun way to feed your dog their daily meals!

*Always supervise your dog as they play this game. Take the container away if they begin to chew on it.