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A well-trained dog is a happy dog – and part of a happy family. At Central Bark® Tampa, our dog training professionals use fun and positive, reward-based techniques to help dogs of all ages develop important life skills and behaviors. 

We offer both individual training and enrichment sessions as well as group classes to reinforce good habits and foster the loving bond you have with your dog. Training builds a foundation for good canine citizenship and helps develop happy, social, and well-rounded dogs. 

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Dog Training & Enrichment Options:

Training Tutor

Personalized one-on-one training sessions during day care visits help your dog develop important skills and behaviors like name recall, sit, stay, down, wait, leave-it, door and gate control, and loose-leash walking. Excellent for your dog and easy for you! Your dog will come home tired and well-socialized, with the training and skills they need to be a well-behaved member of your family.

One-on-One Enrichment

Personalized One-on-One Enrichment sessions give your dog the extra attention they love and the freedom to use their senses and safely explore their instincts through interactive toys, puzzles, and games. It’s fun and rewarding and exercise their bodies and minds and engage their senses. Add complexity with fitness and agility equipment.

Rest Period Enrichment

Your dog gets to relax and recharge in their own private space with calming interactive toys and healthy food pairings tailored to their preferences and diet. It promotes physical and mental relaxation which can help them achieve a healthy balance of play, learning, and rest. It can also help them become more comfortable in crates by building positive associations.

Our Trainers


Megan is our in-house Training Tutor and Enrichment Specialist. Megan has been with Central Bark for three years and has completed over 120 trainings over the last 2 in this role. She conducts personalized training sessions to work on a dog’s specific behavioral issues while attending daycare under the Training Tutor program. These sessions use positive reinforcement techniques to help dogs of all ages develop important life skills and behaviors. As an Enrichment Specialist, Megan conducts one on one activities that are specifically developed to nurture your dog’s whole health – physical, mental & emotional – and personalize your dog’s daycare experience. Megan is kind and intuitive, allowing her to create a connection and bond with each pup she works with to help them achieve their best!


Amy Weeks, M.A. is the owner and operator of Amy’s Canine Kindergarten and conducts our group training classes at Central Bark. Her Certifications at a glance: Certified Behavior Consultant (CBCC-KA), Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), Victoria Stilwell Professional Dog Training Team, Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, CAP 1 (Clicker Trainer), Family Pet Parent Educator. Amy has been training dogs for over 15 years. Along with her certifications, she is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild. She is committed to educating the public on positive training methods in lieu of force training. Along with her experience as a dog trainer for the public, she has worked as an instructor for Florida Guide Dogs for the Deaf and Therapetics Service Dogs of Oklahoma. Amy is published in Bella Dog Magazine and numerous newspapers throughout the country, as well as in “ADPT’“ Tips from Top Trainers”. She is currently a contributor for the Victoria Stilwell blog and newsletter. she continues her education by attending seminars and conferences. Amy is experienced in everything from canine aggression cases to basic behavioral issues. She is referred by veterinarians, humane societies, rescue groups, and doggie daycares.

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Training & Enrichment Add-ons

Training Tutor
Training session during day care visit.
One-on-One Enrichment
Personalized session with interactive toys, puzzles, and games that exercise their body and mind.
Rest Period Enrichment
One Rest Period Enrichment included with day care visit. Extra sessions can be added.

Group Dog Training Classes

Our group training classes are provided by Amy Weeks, M.A. of Amy’s Canine Kindergarten. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), is a member of the Victoria Stilwell Professional Dog Training Team and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild. 

Classes may include: Beginning & Advanced Flyball, AKC STAR Puppy Class, Basic Manners Class, Advanced Manners Class, AKC Canine Good Citizen Class, and “Really Reactive Dog Classes”.

To observe a class or to register, please call Amy at (813) 785-9159 or email her at amyweeks64@yahoo.com.

Packages available. Prepaid packages are nonrefundable. All sales are final. If you have any concerns about food sensitivities or toys, please speak to an associate at the front desk to discuss options.

Myrna E.

My dog is always so excited to go to Day Care which makes me happy and gives me a peace of mind. The staff is really friendly and helpful with any question I might have. I absolutely love to see the pictures and videos in social media. The location is perfect for me and the prices a affordable. I’m grateful for the services you provide.

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