Tampa Dog Training

Tampa Dog Training


Our obedience training is provided by Amy’s Canine Kindergarten. Find a full description of her classes below & view all upcoming classes on our Events Calendar here on our website or call 813-785-9159.



About Our Trainer: Amy (with Winston & Lady)

12087185_946477118740989_2690216771935025029_oAmy Weeks, M.A. Is the Owner and Operator of Amy’s Canine Kindergarten. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), is a member of the Victoria Stilwell Professional Dog Training Team and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild. She is committed to educating the public on positive training methods in lieu of force training. Amy has worked as an instructor for Florida Guide Dogs for the Deaf and Therapetics Service Dogs of Oklahoma. She is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and holds a CAP 1 certification through Kay Lawence’s Competency Assessment Program for Clicker Trainers. Amy is also a certified Family Pet Parent Educator and presents the “Dogs and Storks” and “Dog and Baby Connection” series throughout Tampa and the surrounding areas.
Amy has written articles for Bella Dog Magazine and numerous newspapers throughout the country, is published in “ADPT’“Tips from Top Trainers” and is a contributor for the Victoria Stilwell blog and newsletter. She continues her education by attending seminars and conferences and is currently working toward her CCBC-CA from CCPDT. She has worked for over 15 years as a trainer and is experienced in everything from aggression cases to basic behavioral issues. She is referred by veterinarians, humane societies, rescue groups, and doggie daycares.
Amy Weeks, M.A.
AKC CGC and Star Puppy Evaluator
Doggone Safe Presenter
Family Paws Presenter

Our Classes:

Beginning & Advanced Flyball

This class prepares your ball-loving dog for competition as a valuable member of the All Revved Up Flyball Racing Team. If your pooch loves to run and fetch a tennis ball, then maybe it’s time to take it to the next level. Flyball focuses on using a dog’s natural desire to play fetch, but in the form of a team relay race. Working with your dog in this manner strengthens the dog/human bond and greatly increases the dog’s ability to take direction from you in an off-leash situation. One warning: these classes are so much fun, you and your dog may become addicted. To observe a class or to register, please call the store at 813-979-1123 or email us at tampa@centralbarkusa.com.  Call 813-979-1123 for current pricing

One on One Daycare Training

Although all of our daycare dogs receive the benefit of reinforcement of basic manners on a daily basis, if your dog is in need of additional coaching on a specific training issue you are having at home, our trainer will work with your dog on that specific command or behavior (such as sit stay, down stay, stronger recall, leave it, off) during a dedicated time period during their daycare stay.

To observe a class or to register, please call the store at 813-979-1123 or email us at tampa@centralbarkusa.comCall 813-979-1123 for current pricing


FOR CLASSES BELOW to observe a class or to register, please call Amy at 813-785-9159 or email her at amyweeks64@yahoo.com.


6 Week AKC STAR Puppy Class ($149)

(Puppies ages 3-5 months).

  • Stopping potty and nipping issues
  • Your pup learns beginning cues such as sit, down, come, and leash walking
  • Understand how to manage your pup for successful behavior in the home
  • Let us help you properly socialize your four legged friend
  • Create good handling techniques so that puppy learns to enjoy petting


6 Week Basic Manners Class: ($149)

(Dogs 5 months and up)

  • Teach your dog to Sit/down and stay
  • Your dog will learn to “Leave it” when cued
  • Have him “come” to you when called
  • Discover pleasant walks together without being pulled
  • Teach him a Hand Target to help with enjoyable vet visits
  • Have your dog meet and greet strangers appropriately
  • Begin training for real life distractions


6 Week Advanced Manners Class($149)

( for dogs who have passed basic manners class)

  • Have your dog sit/down and stay whenever asked
  • Increase your dog’s compliance coming when called in various places
  • Teach your dog to walk past distractions while on a leash
  • Have your dog “Go to Place” when asked
  • Increase your dog’s levels of targeting and leave it leave it
  • Experience real life situations and distractions with your dog


5 Week AKC Canine Good Citizen Class ($125)

(for dogs who have passed the Advanced Manners Class)

  • Create in your dog a “good citizen”
  • Preparation and Testing for the CGC
  • Work your dog though increased distance and levels of distractions
  • Determine if your dog’s temperament is right for therapy work!


6 Week “Really Reactive Dog Classes”: (Levels 1 and 2)

($175)(Does not include the required private lesson)

Classes are for dogs that are reactive (fear aggressive), or those who need to develop impulse control when around other dogs, people or new situations. Reactive classes require at least one private lesson with a trainer prior to placement.

  • Teach your dog to cope with his fears and handle triggers
  • Imagine walking your dog past other dogs and people with no issues
  • Create a dog that doesn’t pull or react on leash
  • Build up your dog’s instinct to look to you when unsure