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July Dog of the Month

July 2, 2020

Miss Sophie has been coming to The Bark since she was an itty bitty baby! We have loved watching you grow! She’s always been ridiculously smart and such a fast learner. She rocked some Training courses when she was just a tiny baby. By the end she already knew complex tricks! She’s so sweet and […]

June Dog of the Month

June 1, 2020

Ranger is such a handsome fella! He has such soft fluffy hair! He loves giving hugs out to everyone. He has a blast with water play so much, whether it’s the pools, misters, or the hose he loves it! Once he’s wet, we become his personal towel since he rubs himself on our legs haha! […]

May Dog of the Month

May 1, 2020

These handsome boys are Derek and Avery! Derek’s been a regular at Central Bark for a few years, and his brother Avery has just become a part of our big furry family too! They are super spunky and have the cutest wiggle butts! We’ve gotten to see Derek grow up and we can’t wait to […]

April’s Dog of the Month!

April 2, 2020

This crazy boy is named Rusty! Rusty is one of the funniest dogs at our daycare! He never fails to make us chuckle with his crazy adorable ears! Rumor has it that he’s been seen using them to fly into his mom’s car at the end of the day when his legs are too tired! […]


March 16, 2020

This super model of a gal is Misty! Everyone turns their heads in awe when Misty here struts her stuff on the playground! This beautiful girl preps herself for her photo ops by letting her hair blow in the fan and flashing her sassiest smile – she never has a bad picture day! Not only […]