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This delightful ball of energy is Daisy! Daisy has been a part of our Pack for some time now and we just can’t imagine a life without her never-ending energy! Miss Daisy is a track star and is known for her hippity hops around the playground – man does she really catch some air! When this silly gal gets excited, she does her happy jump and basically touches the moon! However, who can forget Daisy’s signature pose! Whenever this firecracker is excited or just plain happy (which she always is), Daisy sticks her tongue out in all directions! She makes the silliest of faces and isn’t camera shy, at all! She is sure to share all the fun times she is having at daycare with her fellow fur-friends and facebook parents! Even more so, Miss Daisy also shows the love by her sneak attacks! She most definitely gives us a little shock for her own enjoyment because she finds our scaredy-cat faces humorous – LOL! When you least expect it, Daisy surprises you with one of her famous hops and then rubs her silky fur on you like a little bunny! Her cuddles are so soft that you never want to let go and can practically fall asleep! Miss Daisy is also a competitive little thang and loves to participate in our monthly Saturday challenges! She puts her all into everything she does and was even the winner of “most excited to come to day care!” It just warms all of our hearts that she is just as excited to come to Central Bark as we are to see her goofy self! Daisy, you are the silliest of girls and we can’t imagine a day without you jumping into our hearts! All of us want you to know that you stole a piece of our hearts and that we would be incomplete without you! We love you sweetness!♡


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