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•••••Congrats Harrison & Pippa!!•••••

These two models are siblings, Harrison and Pippa! Every time these royal companions trot through the front door, we are sure to roll our red carpet out! Harry & Pippa have been an important piece of Central Bark for a couple of years now and our weeks would be uneventful without them! As pictured above, Harrison is the King of the castle! Harry’s day is

never complete without a perch on the playground equipment and an attempt to be a lap dog! This silly boy still thinks he’s a puppy and tries to sprawl himself onto you! It is a-okay with us though because we also throw ourselves onto him and give plenty of hugs and kisses! Something about Harry draws us in and we can’t help but drown him in affection! It most definitely has to be because Harrison is the biggest lady’s man – talk about a total girl magnet! Whether it be the staff or the other doggy gals, Harrison always has us turning heads! Talking about all of this attention, Pippa is also the star of the show! This beautiful thang is the epitome of a princess! She has got the looks, jaw-dropping smile, and is the best singer out there! Miss Pippa expresses her emotions through her music and now we know exactly how she’s feeling! This sassy gal also loves to spend her time on the playground by sunbathing in the spotlight! She finds the brightest spot and smiles up at the golden sun! Even more so, she loves to show off her talent during her training sessions! Pippa is the smartest cookie and eats up all the praise! These two trend-setters are the bestest of friends and the cutest peas in a pod! Harry & Pippa, we love you both to the moon and back and are thankful to have your smiley selves in our lives!♡


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