This super model of a gal is Misty! Everyone turns their heads in awe when Misty here struts her stuff on the playground! This beautiful girl preps herself for her photo ops by letting her hair blow in the fan and flashing her sassiest smile – she never has a bad picture day! Not only does she have the looks, but she also has the personality! Misty is the silliest girl and never fails to make us giggle with her sense of humor! Sometimes this fluff ball forgets her size and tries to hop up on our laps! If this fails, then she never hesitates to hop up on the chair instead! Whether she puts her front paws on the chair to pose for the camera or actually succeeds at sitting upright in the chair, Misty sure does think she’s a little thang! If she’s not making us smile by standing on random objects, she’s definitely making us laugh by the way she naps! This goofy girl likes to sleep on her back with all her paws in the air and her tongue sticking out! Even when she’s not awake she is still posing for the camera – a true celebrity knows that someone is always watching! Even more so, when we say she’s got it all, she really does have it all! Misty girl also has a whole fan base that happens to be her bestest friends! Misty is a lover of all and is sure to always greet her posse with a wagging tail and happy dance! Whenever her friends arrive, she prances around the playground and gets down with her funky moves! Inevitably, her fur friends hop in on the party and they all take part in a synchronized running spree around the playground – she has backup dancers LOL! Misty you are one glamorous girl and have it all going for you! We cherish the time spent loving on you and smiling until our mouths hurt, and we just know that we’re going to see you on the cover of a magazine one day! ♡


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