May Dog of the Month

These handsome boys are Derek and Avery! Derek’s been a regular at Central Bark for a few years, and his brother Avery has just become a part of our big furry family too! They are super spunky and have the cutest wiggle butts! We’ve gotten to see Derek grow up and we can’t wait to see Avery grow up too! These two are inseparable on the playground, and they bring so much joy to our days! Derek runs like a madman around the playground, and Avery is always right behind him! They especially love to play outside so they can go in the pools! Derek loves lounging out in the water! Also, TENNIS BALLS! Derek loves playing fetch! Avery loves all toys and is always willing to share with his friends here! Both love to hang out in the castles like the kings they are! Derek is doing an amazing job in his new role as big brother and Avery looks up to him so much! We can already tell that these two will be each other’s wingmen with the ladies! With their captivating eyes, they’re sure to charm any girl that comes their way! We’re so proud of you two! You guys are such sweet hearts and we all love you both.


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