June Dog of the Month

Ranger is such a handsome fella! He has such soft fluffy hair! He loves giving hugs out to everyone. He has a blast with water play so much, whether it’s the pools, misters, or the hose he loves it! Once he’s wet, we become his personal towel since he rubs himself on our legs haha! This guy can make anyone a poodle person with his unique and sweet personality! We love watching him prance around the playground and he always sits and patiently waits his turn for a treat. This guys is a major companion and always likes to hang out by his handler’s side, waiting for some love and cookies. He’s such a good boy for grooming! He just patiently stands perfectly still while Alexis gives him a haircut! Also, he’s a perfect model when it comes to photoshoot time! He goes to his spot and strikes his pose, not moving until we tell him to. He’s such a good boy and we all love him so much!


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