July Dog of the Month

Miss Sophie has been coming to The Bark since she was an itty bitty baby! We have loved watching you grow! She’s always been ridiculously smart and such a fast learner. She rocked some Training courses when she was just a tiny baby. By the end she already knew complex tricks! She’s so sweet and loves to cuddle with all of us and her furiends! She’s always so happy to greet us in the mornings when she arrives. She always loves to give all of the other dogs on her playground sweet kisses! She never discriminates who gets them and shares her love with everyone! She’s everyone’s best friend and loves to get everyone excited by running around the playground. She even gets the older/calmer dogs to play! You can always find her hanging out on the castles with her besties and ready for her daily photoshoot! Congratulations Sophie! We love ya girl!


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