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••••••••Congrats Mercy!!•••••••••

This mighty handsome boy is Mercy! Not only has he stollen our hearts with his charming good looks, but he has also stollen the hearts of all the girlies on the playground! Don’t tell, but this big man has multiple girlfriends – they all swoon over him! Whether it be his deep voice, his huge brown eyes, or all the french kisses he gives, Mercy boy is definitely the star of the show! Mercy is so famous, he deserves to have his paw prints displayed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Once he sees the paparazzi, he knows exactly what to do and immediately flashes the biggest smile! Whenever his dad, or personal assistant (lol!), walks him through the doors in the morning, Mercy is sure to let his presence be known by giving out the biggest “Woooooooo” you ever did hear! His croon is definitely comparable to Frank Sinatra! However, if you ask us, Mr. Sinatra copied Mercy’s signature sound, haha! The only thing bigger than Mercy’s voice is his personality! All he wants to do is dart in and (literally) speak to all his pals! He talks in the lobby, he talks in his sleep, he talks in his afternoon endeavors on the playground – he talks everywhere! If his singing career doesn’t take off, his backup could definitely be a poet. Shakespeare who? Mercy, you are irreplaceable and we hope you always walk through life wearing those star shades on your eyes! You’re one of a kind and you have changed all of our lives for the better by just being you! We love you good lookin’!♡


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