•••••••••Congrats Jackson!!•••••••••

This stud muffin of a doggy is Jackson! Jackson here is an expert at living his best life and not letting any nonsense get in the way of that! When on the playground, Jackson picks the brightest spot and lies in the sunlight – his favorite pastime is sunbathing! Who needs a vacation when you have daycare! Not only does he live this lavish lifestyle to relax, but he also does it to gain the attention of the ladies! Jackson here is a pure lover of doodles! If you have a doodle girl, you better watch out! Although he may look like a rebel with that dashing face and shiny coat, Jackson is the perfect boy to bring home to meet the parents! He is a respectful gentledog who cares for all the puppers, regardless of shape and size! Jackson wants nothing but the best for his fur-friends and his family, which you can so evidently see with his interactions. All he wants to do is give the snuggliest hugs and give everyone the attention they deserve. Let us tell you, they are the softest and warmest hugs in existence! You can feel the love pouring from Jackson the second you touch him and we can’t get enough of it! However, you should see the hearts flying in the air when he is reunited with his dad at the end of the day – cupid definitely got a hold of him! He practically flies into his arms and can’t stop wiggling his booty! You can just tell by the way he treats those around him that he is a perfect boy! Jackson, you have all the qualities we look for when finding our best friend and because of that you are one of our biggest role models! We love you to the moon and thank you for leaving such a huge impact in all of our lives! ♡


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