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••••••••Congrats Pepper B.!!••••••••

This feisty little thang is miss Pepper! Pepper is one of our most popular pups here at Central Bark, and she is known for her adorable voice and funny faces! Whenever this silly girl gets excited, she scrunches her face and puts her little booty in the air for scratches! She even lets out a little howl to let you know she’s waiting! Although small like a plush, Pepper sometimes thinks that she is bigger than she is and tries to out-howl the huskies! When a musical is going on in the back, Pepper instantly hops in and contributes her singing into the mix – she’s a star! If there were an American Idol for pups, she would be the next big thing LOL!   Of course this cutie patootie is a crowd favorite with the other doggies and adores trotting around on the playground, but she is just as fond of the staff! Pepper is an absolute snuggle bug and loves to feel the love in the air! And if you talk to her in a baby voice? Forget it! She gets extra giddy and flashes you the biggest smile in existence! Once sweet Pepper gets her daily cuddles, she hops up on your lap and gives you her loving kisses! She always has to make it known how thankful she is for us making funny faces back at her and matching her crazy energy! Miss Pepper, you are an absolute trip and we thank you for the limitless laughs and booty wiggles! When we look up fun in the dictionary, your name pops up and we can’t imagine Central Bark without you and that silliness! We love you from the bottom of our hearts and hope you always keep the quirkiness in your heart alive!♡


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