April’s Dog of the Month!

This crazy boy is named Rusty! Rusty is one of the funniest dogs at our daycare! He never fails to make us chuckle with his crazy adorable ears! Rumor has it that he’s been seen using them to fly into his mom’s car at the end of the day when his legs are too tired! His ears are the softest, most luxurious fabric known to mankind! When Rusty comes walking out onto the playground, you always know when he’s arrived by his beautiful bark that’s like music to our ears! Every time that he barks, he jumps a little because it’s so powerful! When you’re on the playground with Rusty, he always makes his presence known because he wants to climb in your lap! He may have a few gray hairs on his muzzle, but Rusty boy is still a young, loving cuddler at heart! You can feel how much love he has to give when he curls his weenie body up to you and snuggles with you for as long as you’re willing to sit down! Rusty’s been around the block a few times, so when he’s not in your lap, he loves to just chillax and watch the youngins run around, reminding him of the good ol’ days! A day at Central Bark for Rusty is a day in paradise, with relaxing beds and luxurious breezes! If we served mojitos, he would probably never leave! Rusty, you bring such a big smile to our faces and you never fail to turn even the gloomiest days around! We love you with all our hearts and hope to see you come flying in again soon!


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