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There’s nothing like snuggling with your dog when they’re soft and clean and smell nice. We offer everything you need to keep your dog clean, healthy, and comfortable at the Central Bark® Tampa Dog Salon & Spa. From a simple bath to an elaborate grooming treatment, our expert groomers focus on creating a calm and relaxing experience your dog can enjoy. Enrichment activities can be added to help your dog relax even more and during their spa day.

All dogs are unique. Just like humans, your dog deserves personalized grooming for their size, breed, coat type, and condition. For this reason, prices, products, and services vary. Please ask an associate for details.

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Our Groomers


Alexis (Garcia) has been a groomer at Central Bark for a little over 5 years now and has been happily grooming for over 7 years. She is determined to continue to grow and keep her passion for the art going for many years to come. Alexis received her certification from Petsmart, but has learned many different techniques from a variety of other highly experienced groomers. Whatever kind of haircut you are looking for your fur baby, she definitely has the proper skills and gift in finding just the right look for your pup. Alexis resides at her comfy home with her dogs Jax, Moon, and Lil dude. They all love to take walks on nature trails and snuggle on the couch.


Keisha has been a dedicated employee of Central Bark for 14 years, starting as a dog handler and growing into a key management role. She has recently taken on the position of Grooming Manager for our recently expanded salon and spa. She has been grooming for over 7 years and has an innate talent in finding the perfect look for your dog, as well as creating a nice relaxing environment for a lovely spa session for your pup! Keisha has a passion for all things dog, including vetting the latest and greatest toys, treats, food, supplements and grooming tools for our clients. You will always see Keisha with a smile and ready to tell you a funny story about the day! Keisha’s adorable fur family includes Chaka and Gilberto whom you will often see greeting our clients in the lobby.

Pampered Pups

So fresh. So clean.

Enjoy cuddling with your soft, clean, healthy, and happy pup.


Dog Spa Baths

Bath & Towel Dry20 & Up

Dog Grooming

Mini Groom
Spa Bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, blow out and brush out. Full body haircuts not included.
30 & Up
Full Groom 
Spa Bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, blow out, brush out, and a full body haircut.
45 & Up
Spa Day
Spa Bath, blueberry facial, ear cleaning, paw wax, nose and elbow cream, blow dry, brush and aromatherapy scent.
35 & Up

À La Carte

Nail Trim10
Ear Cleaning10
Teeth Brushing10
Furminator™ Deshed Treatment
Add onto any package. Reduces shedding 60-80%.
10 & Up
Gland Expression10
Sanitary Clip10
Paw Trim5
Blueberry Facial5
Brush out10 & Up

Prices of Salon & Spa services may vary depending on the dog’s age, coat, behavior, weight, and frequency of service. A quote can be provided at the time of drop off for service. Additional services are available upon request. All sales are final.

Myrna E.
My dog is always so excited to go to Day Care which makes me happy and gives me a peace of mind. The staff is really friendly and helpful with any question I might have. I absolutely love to see the pictures and videos in social media. The location is [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dog grooming?

Dog grooming helps keep your dog clean, healthy, and comfortable. It can include anything from a simple brush-out or bath to a full spa day, complete with a grooming session and nail care.  All dogs are unique. Just like humans, your dog deserves personalized grooming for their size, breed, coat type, […]

How much does it cost to get a dog groomed?

All dogs are different, and like humans, your dog deserves grooming customized to their size, breed, and level of attention. For this reason, prices may vary by service and location. Learn more about our Dog Salon & Spa.

What should I look for in a dog groomer?

An essential characteristic of a dog groomer is someone who makes you and your dog feel safe and comfortable. Other things to look for: Certifications – Groomers don’t need a license or certification to work. Still, these accreditations are often signs that the groomer has the necessary training and experience to […]

What does a dog groomer do?

Our expert groomers always aim to help your dog feel as calm and relaxed as possible during bathing and grooming, making it an experience they can enjoy and look forward to.  At Central Bark, we offer a wide array of services customized to your dog, including: Dog baths Dog grooming […]

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