Added on September 5, 2019

•••••••••Congrats Stella M.!!•••••••••

This total cuteness overload is Stella! Miss Stella makes us all feel lovey dovey every time she

walks through the front door and stares at us with her twinkling Bambi eyes! If you have ever

wondered what real-life puppy dog eyes look like, Stella definitely has them! Not only is it love at

first sight when you catch a glimpse of her adorableness, but you fall even more in love when

she lets her personality shine! At first Stella used to be a timid little thang, but after coming to

Central Bark for some time and participating in training, she has now broken out of her shell!

She might be tiny but her personality is mighty and fierce! This sassy girl struts her stuff on the

playground with a dainty hop and loves to model on the outdoor posts (which you can see in her

picture)! Even more so, she adores her agility training and now climbs on anything and every

possible! Stella will even steal your chair when you are looking the other way – how silly!

However, although she loves to snatch a comfy seat, she always asks politely whenever she

wants some snuggles! Curling up in your lap is one of Stella’s favorite things to do and

boy-oh-boy do we love that about her! If you’re ever having a bad day, Stella immediately

senses it and becomes the best cuddle buddy that there is! She always makes you feel warm

and fuzzy on the inside and out! Miss Stella, we thank you for putting a little spunk in our lives

and for always making us feel super special!We love you so very much and are sending plenty

of kisses your way!

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