Added on June 3, 2019

•••••••Congrats Taylor!!•••••••

This smiley Akita gal is Taylor! Taylor has been coming to daycare for almost 2 years now and has filled our hearts with nothing but endless love and joy! Not only does she go by the name Taylor, but she also loves it when you call her Tay Tay or Pumpkin Head! Tay Tay is known for her fluffy hugs and her spontaneous kisses! You never know what to expect with her crazy self and that’s what we adore most! She’s either prancing around the playground stirring up some fun or she’s chillaxing in the shade with her furry besties! Don’t even get us started about her excitement! When Tay Tay gets excited, she bounces up and down like a bunny while showing us her pearly whites! There’s never a dull moment when Taylor is at Central Bark! Tay Tay also loves her one-on-one enrichments, especially the squirrel toy! She’s a pro at finding the hidden toy and once she does, she waddles around until we play catch with her! That waddle of hers is hysterical and has all of us cracking up with laughter! If any pup can make you laugh, it’s definitely this gal! However, Tay Tay sometimes gets a little sassy and makes us chase her around until we can catch her and the toy! What a silly girl! Miss Taylor, you always brighten the room when you walk through Central Bark’s front door and we thank you for the limitless laughter, kisses, and bear hugs! We love you lots!♥

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