Added on May 6, 2019

••••••••Congrats Finn!!••••••••

This cutie patootie Dachshund pup is Finn! Finny has spent his first year at Central Bark and we have been so lucky to watch him grow into the sweet and loving boy that he is! This little guy is notorious for sharing the love and can brighten anyone’s day by jumping into your arms and killing you with puppy kisses! Not only does he greet all the staff, but he also welcomes our newest doggos with the biggest smile on his face and ensures that they immediately feel at home. Finn is also the silliest boy when he unleashes his energy on the playground. Silly willy Finn has the fastest little legs and his curly, long ears flap in the wind so gracefully. Once he starts playing, everyone tags along for the fun and it always becomes a puppy party! But who can forget about one of Finn’s favorite things – cuddles!! Whenever he realizes we are lost in his immense cuteness, Finny rolls over for a belly rub and does a happy dance while lying on his back! Once he gets his daily dose, he hops up to give the biggest thank you lick and then snuggles in your lap. We love you sweet boy, thanks for being you!!<3

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