Added on February 4, 2019


 Quinn is a 5-year-old Rat Terrier and we just love this gal to death! When this sweet little thang started with us, she was very fearful of people & boy has she come out of her shell! Quinn is definitely a ham and a little actress when it comes to her pics on the playground! I am sure all of you have witnessed that big smile, cute snarl or her 2 footed happy dance on our Facebook page! She is hilarious and loves to prance around & wiggle her butt when we sing her “Quinnie Quinn Quinn “Paw”ty In The House Song”! Quinn also gets silly and tries to play keep away when we try to pick her up, but once we do she loves the snuggles(Lol, we always knew she had a soft side to her too!). She is just such a tease and loves to play hard to get! Some of her past times here at “The Bark” are rolling around in the grass, practicing her dramatic facial expressions and enjoying her Whimzee treat during her naptime. You are super special to us Quinn and can’t thank you enough for always keeping us smiling!


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