Added on December 10, 2018

CONGRATS WESTFALL’S (Mia, Sadie & Willow)!


Mia is a 6-year-old German Shepherd, Sadie is a 11-year-old black lab and Willow a 7-year-old husky. These sweet ladies have been part of our family here for most of their wonderful lives! All 3 of them are regulars and very popular with our Wednesday clan! Whether it is enjoying a dip & lounging in the pool, a spa day, or a romp with their friends on the playground they always have a smile on their face! They really do enjoy and take advantage of all Central Bark’s amenities! These gals definitely appreciate the good life of being a dog! This trio are always hot to trot as soon as they hit the front door! Always eager for a new doggy daycare adventure and it’s always an extra treat for us when we get that bonus snuggle♥ We love these 3 ladies to no end and hope they will always know how super special they are to us! Congrats!!

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