Added on October 2, 2018


Higgins is a 2-year-old handsome Great Dane Mix and is one big boy who still has a lot of puppy in him! He loves daycare and his playtime so much he gets a bit carried away with so much excitement when he sees his besties, but at the same time he tries so hard to be sure to behave himself and make his handlers proud! If he does get a “talking to”, he puts on the cutest pouty face that is so hard to resist! We can’t help but to crack a smile! He is also working super hard on distractions & basic commands during playtime. He is doing very well but says it a challenge for him since he is such a party boy and has a reputation to keep up with his peers in the play yard😊 Hig’s is such a stunning looking pup and a real lovey bug! Can you believe this big boy learned to play from his cat siblings at home? He grew up with them as a puppy and actually bats like a cat when he plays! He has one awesome high-five too and is always willing to lend a hand when he gets his “Paw”dicures”! We are so proud of you Higgin’s and look forward to every minute we spend with you! Hugs buddy!!

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