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Central Bark Sussex – Your dog’s inspiring second home

Central Bark Sussex is a local family-owned whole-dog care business serving families and their furry loved ones for nearly two decades in the Greater Menomonee Falls, Sussex and Lake Country communities – with a cute doggy van that picks up dogs throughout the community for all-day fun!

It was owners Matt and Ashley Sander’s passion for animals and volunteer work at dog rescues and shelters – combined with their backgrounds in business, financial services, and the automotive industry – that shaped their path to ownership.

“We were first introduced to Central Bark when we needed care for our two beloved rescue pitties, Zeus and Tank, during our wedding weekend,” says Ashley. “When we decided to open our own business, we reflected on our exceptional experience with Central Bark.”

Matt and Ashley purchased Central Bark Sussex six years ago. “We chose the Sussex location after meeting the original owners who were preparing to retire,” Matt shares. “We became quick friends and still appreciate their support.”

A year later, Matt and Ashley became multi-unit store owners when they took over the Central Bark Oak Creek business. Then in the summer of 2021, they decided to sell the business to focus on developing the new Central Bark Sussex location just two blocks away in a special building on Main Street.

“We had to work to retrofit the site’s functionality and aesthetics to expand and enhance our service offerings,” says Ashley. “The project was managed within the community – with specialized work completed by several local businesses.”

A trusted place for your dog

Central Bark Sussex specializes in personalized canine care to meet an individual dog’s developmental, social and personality needs – through enrichment daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, training, canine transport, a specialty retail dog boutique, among other products and services. “It’s our mission to offer a clean, safe and healthy place to nurture and inspire each dog we meet,” states Matt.

As business professionals, Matt and Ashley appreciate the value of continued education and professional standards. The management team, as well as their grooming department, are Fear Free certified professionals. Additionally, Ashley is a Certified Professional Animal Care Operator (CPACO) through The Professional Animal Care Certification Council.

Raising their young family in the area

The couple lives nearby in the Village of Hartland, raising their three young children, two boys and a new-born baby girl – and a rescue dog named Athena! Ashley says their inspiration has always been rooted in their family and friends’ support of their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for dogs. Matt, Ashley and their friendly team of dog lovers would love the opportunity to help you fulfill your dog’s everyday needs.

“We love what we do and we especially enjoy creating unique relationships with each family that visits us,” says Matt. “We’ve been fortunate to celebrate many milestones with our customers throughout the years.”

Matt and Ashley, Central Bark Sussex Franchise Owners

Awards & Achievements

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Shannon L.
I called to extend Cooper's overnight stay to a 2nd night- they called me back within 5 minutes of my voicemail and took him with open arms. Always so friendly and accommodating. cooper loves coming!! Thank you!
Lisa M.
Absolutely BEST PLACE!!!!! Finding Central Bark in Sussex has been a blessing for my puppy Bella! We've done overnights, training , daycare fun days & lots of one on one attention! Bella adores the staff😀 The team are top notch & really a great group of people & friends! Bella [...]
Elisa & Jon D.
I was very impressed with our first day! Our pups were pretty anxious when we dropped them off, but the team did a tremendous job keeping us posted and provided a great summary at the end of the day. Very impressed!
Amber H.
We love Central Bark!!! We appreciate all the hard work staff does to take care of our dog and love the new facility.
Cindy C.
You are the greatest!  The dogs are happy to be there and we can tell they are very well cared for.  Can’t think of anything you could do to improve. I’m just so thankful you are close by and the dogs love to be there. Thank you!
Stephanie K.
I always feel so comfortable leaving our dog in your care!  The staff is friendly, welcoming, and enjoys what they do. We love Central Bark Sussex!
Ann R.
Topaz loves everyone at Central Bark, as do I! Coming to Central Bark Sussex was the best choice I could've made. I'm thrilled to see the business thriving because it is so incredibly well-deserved. THANK YOU for all you do for me and Topaz!
Tamara W.
Staff is AMAZING!!! My dog loves going in and I feel like they all love him too!!!!
Gillian T.
Claire is always so excited to go to Central Bark, whether it is just for a day or overnight. She loves all of the handlers there and I am so appreciative of how kind and understanding they are. There is no other place I would trust with taking care of [...]
Mary S.
My Rhodesian Ridgeback stayed here for multiple nights while we rented a lake home. The staff was great and Matt the owner made our first experience so wonderful. Riggs was happy to go back and loved playing with his buddies! I really liked the report cards and updates given during [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does dog training cost?

With a variety of training solutions available, training costs depend upon what kind of training you and your dog need. 

Central Bark® offers everything you need to help you train your new puppy or older dog. Including group classes and Training Tutor sessions that can take place during day care. Our expert training and classes help you, and your dog learn and bond together. 

Learn more about our training classes

What should I bring when boarding my dog?

When your dog is spending the night at Central Bark®, you should make sure all required forms, including proof of vaccination, are uploaded to your online account. You can bring in copies to your scheduled sleepover. Also, bring a collar and leash, food, medication, and any comforts from home (optional).  

See our Sleepover Guidelines

How does Central Bark proactively address safety?

At Central Bark, a proactive approach to safety is woven right into the fabric of our program. That is why we require that all dogs enrolled in our Day Care program pass our behavior assessment and attend at least once per week. It helps us ensure that dogs are social with other dogs and people and remain comfortable with all aspects of our program. It also allows us to proactively staff so we can keep a dog to staff ratio low, which also helps increase safety. Plus, we ALWAYS supervise play. Whether it’s a group of 2 dogs or 12 dogs, we never leave dogs unattended during group play.

How does Central Bark mentally stimulate a dog?

At Central Bark®, our goal is to provide a balanced day of play, learning, rest, and love. Learning and mental exercise can happen in various ways, including training activities, brain games, scent work, and more. Our playgroups offer several hours of active playtime paired with learning opportunities during Group Play Skills. This way, dogs have plenty of time to socialize and get their energy out, while also exercising their minds through learning.

During one of your dog’s rest periods throughout the day, they are offered a rest period enrichment activity to stimulate their mind while encouraging healthy rest. These licking and chewing activities involve food rewards, such as a frozen peanut butter KONG®. These activities engage their minds while helping foster quality rest. 

Did you know? Scientific studies have shown that licking and chewing behaviors (especially those that involve food rewards!) are self-soothing, decrease heart and respiratory rates, and even release dopamine in a dog’s brain.

Training Tutor sessions stimulate the dog’s minds and bodies and help them learn important skills, behaviors, and tricks.

One-on-One Enrichment sessions give the extra attention dogs love and the freedom to use their senses and safely explore their instincts through interactive toys, puzzles, and games.

Did you know? 15 minutes of mental activity is equal to 30 minutes of physical exercise!

Learn more about Enrichment Doggy Day Care

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Our whole dog care approach offers a full range of fun and personalized products and services. To promote your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional health and happiness throughout their entire life.

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