This Ain’t No Catnap

Dog SleepoverAt Central Bark Doggy Day Care we do not consider ourselves a traditional dog kennel or dog boarding facility.  We consider ourselves the, “Unkennel.”

At our “Unkennel,” we make you and your pup feel as comfortable as possible during the time that you are away from each other. For your pup, sleepovers at The Bark are slumber parties with all of their friends in familiar surroundings. As your dog’s home away from home, we know your dog and they know us, which reduces the stress, separation anxieties and other concerns associated with traditional dog kennel and dog boarding settings.

Rest assured that your dog will get plenty of play time each day.  Doggy Day Care is included in our sleepovers, giving your dog the familiar routine they need while you’re away. Then, after a full day of play, your dog spends the night in an appropriately sized crate that provides a familiar safe zone for comfort and safety. And you get the peace of mind knowing that your dog is getting all the special attention they need from our expert staff.

When your dog sleeps over, they’re still running with the pack!


One Dog
(per 24 hour period & includes day care)
Luxury Den (per 24 hour period & includes day care) $52.00
Extended Stay – 10% Off on 7+ Night Stay (No Free Bath)
Weekend, Holiday, Drop-Off/Pick-Up Fee
Sunday/Holiday Pick Up Time – 7:30 – 8am and 5:30 to 6pm

Sleepover Guidelines