Slinger DOM


February 1, 2020

Meet Sunny, a 4-year-old Golden Retriever! We love Sunny at daycare; she has a big heart and loves to greet us for all the petting. Sunny has countless friends at daycare but some of them are Maggie, Roxie, and Chloe. Sunny loves the play with all the dogs and can be seen zooming around her […]


January 1, 2020

Meet Henry, a 2 year old Boxer mix. Henry is a very happy and playful guy. He loves to come and play with the handlers just as much as his canine pals. Henry has an abundance of friends at daycare including, Axel, Elle, Maggie, and Luther. Henry loves the attention of the handlers and can […]


December 2, 2019

Meet Oakley, she is a fun loving 2 year old Siberian Husky. Oakley is a wonderful ball of energy, that is surrounded by friends including Capone, Liberty, Nash, Dooney, and so many more! Oakley does her breed proud and can be heard singing in the “shower” during one of her grooms. Congratulations Oakley for December […]


November 13, 2019

Chase is a 2 year old, German Shepherd. Chase is a very playful dog, he absolutely loves coming to daycare and playing with his toys. Chase has a bunch of friends here with us, he loves to play with Maya, Cobalt, Max, and Maggie. Chase also enjoys his Barkley baths, and being a goofy guy […]

Miss Kitty

October 1, 2019

Meet Miss Kitty, a 4 year old Anatolian Shepherd. Miss Kitty is a very smart pup, she loves trying to learn new tricks while at daycare. She also enjoys being a social butterfly, meeting and greeting all the other pups, new dogs, and new faces. Miss Kitty has a group of friends that she is […]