Dog of the month


November 13, 2019

Chase is a 2 year old, German Shepherd. Chase is a very playful dog, he absolutely loves coming to daycare and playing with his toys. Chase has a bunch of friends here with us, he loves to play with Maya, Cobalt, Max, and Maggie. Chase also enjoys his Barkley baths, and being a goofy guy […]

Miss Kitty

October 1, 2019

Meet Miss Kitty, a 4 year old Anatolian Shepherd. Miss Kitty is a very smart pup, she loves trying to learn new tricks while at daycare. She also enjoys being a social butterfly, meeting and greeting all the other pups, new dogs, and new faces. Miss Kitty has a group of friends that she is […]


September 4, 2019

Meet Romey, a 2 year old Teddy Bear. Romey has been a part of our Central Bark-Slinger pack since a young pup. He loves coming to daycare almost everyday. Romey always finds a way to get into the pools and get as soaked as possible, especially right after one of his grooms. He has an […]


August 1, 2019

Meet Ava, a 4 year old Great Pyrenees. Ava is a large part of our Central Bark-Slinger family. She is one of 3 fur-babies, and enjoys coming to daycare on our canine cab with her brothers Rockey and Gentry. Ava enjoys playing/laying in the pools and water buckets during the Spring and Summer months. Ava […]


July 1, 2019

Meet Sully or better known as James P. Sullivan. Sully is a 2 year old Newfoundland Mix. Sully thinks we should have the pools in group 365 days a year. He isn’t afraid to throw his weight around while playing with his buddies, Capone, Dolly, Halley, and Abby. Don’t let his size bother you though, […]