Julie Cramer is a new trainer at Central Bark but certainly not new to training dogs.  Julie has owned and operated Green Grove K9 Center of Oostburg for the past 17 years where she has specialized in training dogs for a variety of applications including search and rescue, therapy suitability, agility, obedience, rally, nose/scent work and more.  She also has experience with Service dogs, training detection dogs and raising Leader Dogs for the Blind.  Julie has worked in humane society/animal shelter settings and she and her husband, Bob, have fostered and rehomed hundreds of dogs.

Julie serves as instructor and evaluator in the canine program for the Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security, and is the training director and K9 handler for Great Lakes Search and Rescue K9, Inc., a not for profit organization providing specially trained dogs to assist in locating missing persons.

Julie believes in a balanced approach to training and likes to see dogs and their owners enjoy a happy training relationship.


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