Congratulations, Ruger!

Added on June 1, 2020

Ruger is a handsome 5 year old Golden Retriever who has been coming to Central Bark Sheboygan for 4 years! Ruger comes running through the doors and the first thing he does is greet his handlers. He loves running behind the counter to see who else is going to give him some attention. You will often find Ruger playing with his fur-pals Lana, a 4 year old aussie mix, Kylo a 1 year old doberman pinscher and Augie a 2 year old yellow lab. Ruger is always up for a game of chase. In the summer you will often find Ruger laid out in the pools outside he loves nothing more than playing in the water. After playing he will find his handler and ask for some butt scratches. Ruger is a wonderful dog and we have loved having him at daycare. The staff loves greeting him in the morning and saying goodbye at the end of the day. Ruger always makes sure everyone knows he is leaving. Ruger we are so happy to have you as our June dog of the Month. This is truly your time to shine. We love you!