Congratulations, Rocky!

Added on May 1, 2020

Rocky is a 8 year old Boxer mix who has been coming to Central Bark Sheboygan for about 6 years! Rocky comes bouncing through our front doors so ready to play. Once he gets in group he finds his good fur-pals, Tesla, a beautiful 5 year old shepherd mix & Steve, a handsome 3 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. After running around with his pals Rocky will jump up on his favorite play structure and ask to play a game of who can sing the best. Rocky loves singing to his handlers! In the summer Rocky loves finding one of his good pals to sunbathe in the sun with. You will often find Rocky stealing any chair he can to take a quick break in before he gets back up to run around! At the end of the day when it is time to go home Rocky gets all wiggly and waits patiently till mom comes to pick him up. Rocky it is truly your time to shine in the light! Congratulations. We love you!