Congratulations, Oliver!

Added on January 1, 2020

Congratulations to our January “dog of the month” –Oliver!
We’re celebrating this New Year with our best fur pal, Oliver! Oliver has been coming to Central Bark-Sheboygan for over four years now…That’s almost his whole life! When he walks through the door, you just know Oliver is ready to be here! Once he gets to his playgroup, he goes from friend to friend to make sure that they are all here. Once he is done taking the attendance of his fur friends, he makes sure to check in with his handler with a happy tail wag! While group is in session, Oliver will run among his friends looking for his very best friends Riley E., a very happy golden retriever, Millie, a beautiful husky, and Henry S., the very playful labradoodle! When he’s done running around, Oliver always stops by his handler to make sure he gets his much coveted butt scratches! After group calms down, and Oliver has had his fun, he climbs to the top of the equipment to keep a watchful eye on his friends. We are so happy to be celebrating this New Year with you! This month is your turn to shine in the spot light. We all love you, Oliver! Congratulations!!