Congratulations, Mitzi!

Added on August 1, 2019

Mitzi is a 15 year old westie mix who just loves to come to day care! Mitzi has been coming to Central Bark Sheboygan Daycare for over ten years now! The handlers’ faces all light up when Mitzi comes through the door. Don’t let her age fool you… When it’s time to play Mitzi darts down the run looking for all of her friends. She gets most excited to see her pals Murphy B., a cute shih tzu mix, Heidi F., a beautiful terrier mix, and Cooper P., a young Pomeranian that just can’t get enough of our girl, Mitzi. On nice, hot, summer days like these you will most likely find Mitzi splashing around in her favorite pool to stay cool. When she’s done in her pool she strolls over to her handler for some much enjoyed cuddles and love.
Mitzi you are such a great dog, it’s your time to shine! You truly deserve it and have definitely made a huge impact on every staff member here! We are so lucky to say you’re a part of our Central Bark family. Love you to the moon and back, Mitzi!