Congratulations, Lana!

Added on July 1, 2019

Lana, an almost 4 year old Aussie, has been coming to Central Bark since she was just 10 months old. Lana is a little ball of energy that is always ready to go when she comes in! During the warm summer days like these, you will most likely find Lana running through the sprinklers and jumping in the pools with her friends. When she’s done, she never fails to give her handler a big soaking wet hug. She knows that her soggy hugs are her handlers’ favorite kind of hugs! After she’s done playing in the pools, she quickly finds her best pal Ruger, a very handsome golden retriever, to play a good game of tug with. And if her friends grow tired of tug, she happily brings a ball to her handler for some catch! All of the Central Bark staff looks forward to seeing our Lana every Thursday. We have been so lucky to have Lana as part of our Central Bark family. We love you, Lana! You truly deserve your turn in the spotlight!