Congratulations, Kody!

Added on December 1, 2019

Our favorite gift under the tree this year is our fur friend, Kody! Kody is a 3 year old American Eskimo who has been coming to Central Bark-Sheboygan daycare since he was just 6 months old! You can always tell when Kody gets here. He runs in singing his little heart out to everyone to let his pals know he’s here and ready to go! You can find Kody zipping around, playing a good game of chase with one of his favorite gal pals, Izzy who is a bouncy, 6 year old black lab. When he’s done running around with Izzy, he looks for his buddy, Heinz, a 3 year old dachshund mix, to fetch and tug some toys with. Once the snow falls, you can find Kody running around in the snow making snow angels with some of his good friends. After a long day of playing, whether inside or outside, you can often find Kody cuddled up to his cousin and very best friend, Oliver a very handsome black cockapoo. They love spending as much time together as they can! Kody, you certainly are one of the best gifts we could get and we are so happy to see you here each and every week. This month is your turn to shine in the spot light. We all love you, Kody! Congratulations!!