Congratulations, Heinz!

Added on November 1, 2019

Congratulations to our November “Dog of the Month”- Heinz!
Who are we thankful for this Thanksgiving? Our pal Heinz, that’s who! Heinz is a 3 year old dachshund mix that has been coming to Central Bark-Sheboygan for the past three years now. Heinz can hardly contain his excitement when it is time to play! His whole body wiggles and he flies from his crate all the way to his group. Once he gets to group he seeks out his best of friends, Max K., a German shepherd mix and Kody, an American eskimo dog. When playgroup finally settles down, you can find Heinz cozied up with his two friends Benny the beagle and Packer the dachshund mix. If his handler gives him the option, Heinz will gladly hop in their lap for a quick snuggle too! After a quick cat nap, Heinz is ready to move again. You can find him chasing toys or playing around with his friend Silo, a handsome little beagle mix. We love seeing you walk through our doors every week. Thank you, Heinz, for being a part of our Central Bark family and always putting a smile on our faces! It is your time to shine! We love you!