Congratulations, Daisy!

Added on May 1, 2019

Congratulations to our May “Dog of the Month”- Daisy!
Daisy is a three, almost four year old, fun loving German shephard mix with a very strong, agile personality. She’s been coming to Central Bark-Sheboygan for quite a few years and we consider ourselves lucky to have her! Daisy loves showing off her athletic ability in group by bouncing from one toy, to the next, and then on to the next one. Daisy is a girl that will definitely speak her mind to anyone who will listen.
Of course, she enjoys playing with some of her friends including Nelson and Henry. Her very best friend in play group is Chalupa Batman, they just love to play with each other. When Daisy is ready for a break you will find her relaxing next to Ralph on one of the toys. During bright spring days, she enjoys just lounging in the sunshine, soaking up the sun’s rays. Daisy has certainly captured the hearts of all the staff members.
Thank you, Daisy, for being a part of our Central Bark Daycare family! You truly deserve your time in the spotlight! We love you!