Congrats, Sonnie!

Added on January 5, 2019

Congratulations to our January “Dog of the Month” – Sonnie!
Sonnie is a 5 year old sweet and handsome Shepherd mix who has been coming to Central Bark – Sheboygan for quite a few years now. When he comes in he always greets us with a very polite, if not a little wiggley, sit every morning.
Sonnie has a very outgoing personality, and it helps him when he’s playing with his friends Zoey, a small black lab mix, Tesla, a shepherd mix, Dakota, a hound mix, and Rayna, a doberman pincher. Those are just some of the friends that Sonnie has made over the years of being here.
Since Sonnie has a lot of experience here at Central Bark, he likes to make new dogs feel comfortable as well. He is good at helping the new dogs learn the ropes of the facility. Near the end of the day when Sonnie has had enough play time, he loves going over to the handler to get some good cuddles in before it’s time to go home!
Thank you, Sonnie, for being such a joy in group. You truly do deserve your time in the spotlight! We love you!!