Congrats, Murphy B!

Added on June 4, 2018 :: Posted by Jonie I

Our June Dog of the Month is none other than Murphy B, a five year old sweet and loving teddy bear. Murphy has a quiet demeanor with ways of getting your attention other than barking and jumping. He often walks up to his handler and gently taps their leg with his paw. And with his puppy dog eyes you can’t help but shed him with a little love. Murphy also loves hanging with his besties, ”Clem”, a 12 year old Yorkshire terrier, and “Benny”, a nine year old beagle. You can often find these three snuggling on playground equipment together. Murphy also has his wild side and can be found playing with the youngsters periodically. At the end of the day he is always excited to see his (human) dad.
It’s your time to shine, Murphy B. Congratulations! We love you!